Planetoss – A somewhat different resource

What is Planetoss and why should you stay here? We are a group of nerds that are working with computers and the Internet since decades. The Internet was a wild west back in the days and what progress we made… I can’t really believe it when looking back but it is for real. The pace of Internet technology is incredible.

So what is the aim of Planetoss then? Well, we don’t want to be like any other resource out there. Instead we want to work a bit like a wayback machine. We are providing content and information about historical software, products, games and much more. But we don’t stick to the past. That’s why we will update our content accordingly.

We categorize our content into the following topics:

  • Software
  • Games
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile


What is Software? Or: what is not software? Software is all around us. No matter what we’re doing, we can’t live without it. We can’t use a computer without it. So it’s like the lifeblood of our daily work. This section is especially interesting for those that are using software, not developing it. Especially freeware is important because nowadays you can waste a lot of time and space when choosing the wrong freeware programs. So “freeware” is not really that free. This happens quite often when you are not that savvy with computers, just Google and download the very first result you’re getting. You don’t check whether it’s outdated or not or if other users had some very bad experiences with it. Anyways, we try to help as good as we can.


Who remembers all the classics? We, the ones that can claim that the Gameboy was their very first mobile gaming console are now the minority. When you ask around today these kids don’t even know about stuff like that. They cannot even imagine that there was anything else but a phone or tablet to play games with. Ok, there are PS4s and Xboxes too. At least they know about them. So yea, playing games is one of the things we old guys know a lot about but are still constantly out of date. What is going on now? Playing Minecraft? Playing live casinos with your smartphone? Downloading free apps and forcing our “friends” to help us defend our castle? Having to purchase all kinds of stuff if we want to move one? The whole gaming environment changed and there’s a lot to say about.

Graphic design

That’s a passion of ours. Some of us work as web designers and have to deal with this all the time. I would not say that this area is developing the quickest but I still remember the first time running photoshop back then. It took my computer about an hour to save designs but most of the time it was worth it.


I have to admit I was not the first guy with an iPhone. It took me two years until I got my hands on one. I was very skeptical and did not realize what an innovation it really was. I just preferred my Blackberry with a keyboard as it was the easiest way to message for me. Man was I wrong.