How is it going Virtual Reality?

Silicon Valley is waiting on the next big thing. And they have been waiting for almost a decade now. Some say the launch of the iPhone was the last big thing and they may be right. Other innovations have failed. Tablets, iWatches, “home assistance”. All seem a bit desparate. Innovation leader Apple is showing some weakness as well, the iPhone 7 is considered a joke in regards to technology progress.

Good reasons why many are saying that Virtual Reality will be it. This one new thing that changes it all (again). And they may be right. At the moment, VR isn’t that advanced. If you look into an Oculus Rift you see a lot of pixels, nothing that will really put you in a world that looks real. Then you are running around with a joystick in your hand – also not that real. To say the least, we are at the very beginning with VR and there’s serious doubt that a real breakthrough is realistic within the next three years. A quantum leap is necessary.

But still, even if it’s the case, how will the bright future look like? And what can VR do for us except for gaming? It looks like the gambling and the adult industry are one of the leaders here. Let’s be honest, that’s where the money is. And how awesome would it be to simulate the “world’s most popular activity”? properly? And for casinos, it’s certainly good to simulate a brick and mortar gaming environment.

Then we still have gaming. The new Playstation Pro claims to focus on VR heavily. VR may even be the reason why we need another generation of game consoles so early.

This post is just meant to provide a short overview. There’ll be a lot to come in the near future. My prediction is that there won’t be any radical changes very soon. I do not think that it’s about the VR technology but more about the areas in which VR is useful. There needs to me more than gaming and adult media…