The Best Video Converters

Video conversion is an exercise that we all, whether frequently or infrequently, will carry out. There are countless tools and utilities available for all platforms and devices that make the conversion of video from one format to another quick and easy. In areas where internet connection speeds are not fast enough to stream without extreme delay and resultant buffering, it is often better to convert the video to a lower quality format and then download it. Video conversion is also handy when needing to playback any given video on a specific device, with fixed codec restrictions. The size of the display that you’re using to watch any given video can also be used as a determination for the format that you need to convert it to. Regardless of what video file or format you are working with, on whichever device or operating system, we have provided a useful tool to help you get the job done. Take a look below at our overview of the best video converters available.

Microsoft Windows Video Conversion Tools

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a free utility that is supported by both Windows and MacOS, giving you the ability convert almost any video source to any other video format. Any Video Converter supports over one hundred different input formats and can convert to over one hundred and sixty different outputs. It handles lossless conversion flawlessly and fully supports the 4K UHD video format with absolutely no issues.

Any Video Converter is thirty times faster than the average competitor, at the task of converter video. It even allows you to download videos and music directly from many popular sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion, to name but a few. It even gives you the ability to burn videos directly to a DVD or AVCHD, allowing for direct playback on any device or TV. There is nothing lacking from this fantastic free tool, giving one even basic video editing functionality.

Format Factory

Format Factory is a great video converter that offers an easy to understand interface and top-class performance. Converting to and from a multitude of formats is made simple and straightforward through the clever design of Format Factory. This fantastic free download lets you convert not just videos, but audio and images as well. The amount of files that it supports is staggering, with its line-up. Format Factory even repairs damaged videos, restoring broken files to a state in which they are playable. The conversion of pictures, video or audio are all equally as easy, making this free application an great asset to anyone that has conversion needs.

Mac OS Video Conversion Tools


Handbrake is a great video conversion tool that comes at no cost. It is supported by both MacOS and Windows operating systems. The conversion speed of this free converter is outstanding, do not let its minimalistic interface scare you off. Using Handbrake is very easy as every last facet of this tool benefits from intuitive design. Handbrake allows you to convert from multiple source formats to either MP4 or MKV.

One is presented multiple options during the process of conversions, allowing one to optimize video for the web, TV or iPods and phones. If you are looking for an open source application to get a conversion done quickly, then look no further than Handbrake There are very few free Mac based apps that can come even close to the performance of Handbrake.

MacX Video Converter

MacX Video Converter is a free tool that allows you to convert multiple file and video types into alternate formats, opting to reduce the quality if you so wish. Built-in are video editing features so that you can clip, edit, and divide your footage in chapters and perform all other basic editing tasks with minimal effort. MacX Video Converter allows for the extraction of audio from video, and also makes it easy for you to take a snapshot from any section of any video, storing it as a still image. This great tool even gives you presets for conversion, ensuring that you video will definitely play on the Apple device that you intend it to. Presets for all major formats are also supplied. MacX Video Converter is one of the easiest apps to use on the MacOS platform, a definite content for the top spot of video conversion.

Linux Video Conversion Tools


WinFF is a great video converter freely available for Linux and Windows platforms. This great free software can be best described as a graphical frontend for ffmpeg, a front end that is very much needed by the general public. WinFF supports a huge range of video formats thanks to ffmpeg, and the conversion is lightning quick. Linux based utilities conventionally have a performance bonus that tops alternate platforms, and this is especially true for WinFF.

Regardless of what format you are converting to or from, WinFF breezes you through the process with ease, and has your converted video file ready in record time. This is one of the most powerful video converters available, across all platforms, and a definite first choice for anyone running a Linux distribution.


dmMediaConverter is a free tool for Linux distributions which, similar to WinFF, is simply a frontend to ffmpeg. This frontend does a marvellous job of graphically presenting many of ffmpeg’s advanced features. It is easy to use and understand, whilst making the process of performing complex tasks not just possible, but straightforward too. Bulk conversion is fully supported, as are a range of features such as scaling, quality control, watermarks, subtitle burning, file merging and support for almost any codec. dmMediaConverter is a powerful tools in the hands of the advanced user and converts video at speeds that are profound.

Android Video Converters

Media Converter

Media Converter is a lightweight app with a download size of just 3MB that allows you to convert from multiple input sources to mp3, mp4, egg, avi, mpeg 1 and mpeg2, flv and wave formats. Multiple audio profile are also available, namely m4a, 3ga and oga. This easy to use free tool even allows one to clip audio tracks for use as ringtones, alerts or anything else of your choosing. The conversion time is fairly quick and it manages battery usage well during conversion. One has the option of multiple quality levels, this app is very versatile. Media Converter should definitely be the first choice of any Android owner.

Android Video Converter

Android Video Converter is a feature packed free app that gives you everything that you need to convert downloaded videos. Not only can one convert video and audio already held in storage, but one is also capable of using AVC’s interface to browse to YouTube and download any video of choice. AVC comes preconfigured with a host of different conversion filters, making it easy to be sure than you are converting a video to the correct format for your given device. File input and output type is comprehensive, one will struggle to find a format that is not supported by Android Video Converter.

iOS Video Converters

iConvt – Video Converter

iConvt is a simple to use video converter for iOS that is freely available. It supports 3GP, FLV, MOV, MKV, AVI, MPG and MPEG. Multiple audio formats are also fully supported. One can use this great free app to extract the audio from video, as well as convert to and from the multiple video formats. One is also given the option of reducing the quality of audio or video being converted. Another great feature is the ability to import videos from your camera roll, album and Dropbox folder. If you need to convert videos on any Apple device, turn to iConvt.

File Convert Free

File Convert Free is an iOS app that gives multi-format conversion functionality. One has the option of converter not only video files, but documents, images and other file types to matching formats. This is an extremely useful tool to have available thanks to the many different file types that it can convert. One can make multiple adjustments and edits prior to conversion, although only basic functionality is provided, for more advanced options a more specialized converter will be needed. It does however have everything that is needed to satisfy the demands of the majority of users. Never be stuck being unable to view or send a video, image or document again, download File Convert Free today.

Online Video Converters

Online video downloaders and converters are of great use to anyone that wants to conserve bandwidth. By first using an online service to reduce the file size and change the file type, one is left to download only the bare essentials, as was intended. The advantage to using a converter than is accessible from your browser is that you can use it on any device or platform, regardless of configuration or operating system. Here are the top three online video downloaders and converters available.

Simple, straight-forward and even available as a browser addon, supports all popular video sites and allows for multiple conversion options. MP4, 3GP, AVI and MOV conversion in multiple quality variations is allowed, whilst one can also rip the audio from any audio or video source, outputting in either MP3, M4A or AAC. ClipConverter is a long running, reliable online video converter that will handle even 4K video needs, a definite first look for anyone seeking such services.

Convertfiles is a minimalistic service provider that gives quick, accurate conversion of a wide range of different file types. Video, audio, images and documents can all be converted. When a large conversion is taking place, one can even request that a download link be emailed once the conversion is complete and the download is ready.


Offliberty is a free online service specializing conversion and download of online resources, including but not limited to videos, audio, documents and images. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and most other sources can be supplied to Offliberty, which will then provide you a download link for your requested content. At a first look Offliberty may seem obscure, but it gives users a fantastic platform to use to download any online content that they want, not strictly just video. If there is something that you want to download but are not quite sure how, then give the link to Offliberty and it may have a solution for you.