How is it going Virtual Reality?

Silicon Valley is waiting on the next big thing. And they have been waiting for almost a decade now. Some say the launch of the iPhone was the last big thing and they may be right. Other innovations have failed. Tablets, iWatches, “home assistance”. All seem a bit desparate. Innovation leader Apple is showing some weakness as well, the iPhone 7 is considered a joke in regards to technology progress.

Good reasons why many are saying that Virtual Reality will be it. This one new thing that changes it all (again). And they may be right. At the moment, VR isn’t that advanced. If you look into an Oculus Rift you see a lot of pixels, nothing that will really put you in a world that looks real. Then you are running around with a joystick in your hand – also not that real. To say the least, we are at the very beginning with VR and there’s serious doubt that a real breakthrough is realistic within the next three years. A quantum leap is necessary.

But still, even if it’s the case, how will the bright future look like? And what can VR do for us except for gaming? It looks like the gambling and the adult industry are one of the leaders here. Let’s be honest, that’s where the money is. And how awesome would it be to simulate the “world’s most popular activity”? properly? And for casinos, it’s certainly good to simulate a brick and mortar gaming environment.

Then we still have gaming. The new Playstation Pro claims to focus on VR heavily. VR may even be the reason why we need another generation of game consoles so early.

This post is just meant to provide a short overview. There’ll be a lot to come in the near future. My prediction is that there won’t be any radical changes very soon. I do not think that it’s about the VR technology but more about the areas in which VR is useful. There needs to me more than gaming and adult media…

Password Tools and Freeware for 2016 – What You Should Look Out For

Whether you want to protect or retrieve a password, you need great password tools and addons. No doubts, one of the best way to organize your digital activities is to engage a password manager application. This way you can log onto your web site automatically. It is also a great way to manage your entire user IDs as well as passwords. However, what majority of the password tools out there would do for you is to have your data saved an encrypted file, then the file is left stranded on a PC.

This would be problematic and challenging if what you use at work is Windows desktop, and at home your operating system is Mac, and something different for your hand-held devices. It doesn’t matter which device, secured access to your data is very vital, offline or online. And, the last thing you want to do is to update tons of work manually, including your mobile and home pass word databases each time your account’s credentials change. It can be a frustrating and daunting task.

The Characteristics of the Password Tools and Freeware for 2016

The good news is, the best password tools and freeware for the moment and in the days to come offer great options to choose from. For instance, you can opt for the flexibility to leverage single-device without any internet-based or web components. Alternatively, you can choose to sync across the devices in your possession.

Some of the tools will help you log on to websites without your input. You will also find some password tools and addons that carry out audit on your passwords; the essence is to ensure the same passwords are not being used in several places.

These tools have been integrated with features that will help enhance optimum security, whether you are online or offline, while at the same time providing you with their own data protection security – they help you do this regardless of whether or not you stored everything in one place. And, the great news is that you can enjoy all these features regardless of the browsers, operating systems or even mobile platforms you are using.

The ability to synchronize everything gives you the assurance that there’s no need for alarm even if the vendor refuses to show up, or the password database stored in the cloud chooses to relapse.

What to Look Out for in Good Password Tools and Addons

Generally, there are some elements that characterize password tools that promise the best result. Earlier, we pinpointed some of those features or characteristics. In details, when seeking to acquire password freeware and tools that will deliver quality result, look for elements such as the following;

Password Security

Keeping password secure is an essential factor when comparing password tools and addons. Therefore, great tools will get your computer to encrypt your passwords as well as your personal data prior to saving a copy in the cloud. And, since local encryption has taken place on the data, your vendor will not be able to unlock the data you saved in the cloud because he or she doesn’t have the key to do so. You are the only person that can unlock the data.

You will create a user account as well as a master password to secure your password database. Subsequently, when you log in, the tool will automate the user IDs and passwords gathering process as you visit one website after the other. It will also automate the process of gathering other pieces of information in addition to passwords and User IDs. And, the next time you visit such websites, these tools could fill and submit the credentials you use in logging in and would do that in an automated manner.

Ability to Fill Forms with Data Stored in Profiles

Also, some password tools and addons out there come with built-in intelligent features that can fill out forms with data stored in profiles. You can choose to come up with ‘identities’ that can only access subsets of your password data – e.g. personal data, data related to work, or data meant for shared devices such as the ones you share with a close relative. Additionally, you would be able to store other sensitive data types to safe deposit numbers from locker combinations.

Support and Compatibility with Mobile Devices

In this mobile era where mobile has become the in-thing and helps you do a lot of things both online and offline before getting behind your computer, you would also want to go for a password management tool that supports your mobile devices as well.

For some evolving tools, compatibility and support with mobile devices may be limited. For instance, some of the evolving password tools may not be able to keep or preserve a synched local copy of your password data. Also, some of such tools may include a standalone, simple browser if they are not able to join firmly with the device’s native or default browser. But, some smart users have figured out better ways to maximize these evolving password managers and tools. As a result, accessing and securing passwords with those tools at any point in time and from any device comes easy and convenient.

However, you can also find tools with extensive support and compatibility features for your mobile and hand-held devices. Sometimes, such rugged and more robust password addons are paid tools. In essence, you may pay some fee to access or acquire them.

User-Friendly Interface

You certainly wouldn’t want to spend the whole day trying to figure out what to click or how to generally use a password tool or program. Therefore, you should also look for a tool that offers user-friendly interface. In essence, figuring out what to click or where to go in order to achieve a particular password management goal should be quick, easy and convenient. Luckily, a good number of the tools out there are user-friendly in their designs. Alternatively, you may be able to get help online on how to use the program.

Ability to Create the Strongest Possible Passwords

A good password program or tool shouldn’t be just a locker, it should also be able to create the strongest possible password for you. It means that such tool should feature robust password generator that can create strong passwords in an instance and at the same time help you remember the password. Such tool can also automate password auditing, and will alert you when it’s time to get a new password or if it finds duplicates, which is indeed a smart way to prevent breach of your account. Also, with these kinds of robust password tools, you only have to memorize and remember the main password.

Biometric Confirmation Feature

If you are looking for additional security with a password tool, a program that offers biometric confirmation feature would match your search. You can find such tools out there. It simply means you can authenticate your identity using your fingerprint on a device.

And, since biometric security is gradually becoming the in-thing because of its extra-secure possibility, this feature is an additional benefit from a password tool that provides it. In addition, such tool may allow Wi-Fi synchronization across different devices. This way, your encrypted data will ever remain on your device, so that you are less dependent on cloud password storage.

Backup Feature

If relying on the cloud comes as a breeze for you, you can look out for tools that enable you host an encrypted data on the internet. This way, if your device gets missing, you can easily retrieve password data and information and transfer them onto a different device. As with most password management programs, this type of feature usually comes with paid tools.

There are other great features you can also look out for in promising password tools in addition to the ones outlined above.

Should You Go for Free or Paid Password Tool?

FREE doesn’t necessarily mean less; however, PAID will usually offer more. Having said that, there are a number of FREE password tools to look out for in 2016 as you will find out later in this guide.

The major benefit that comes with free tools is that the program is free. In essence, you don’t have to pay anything to use them. So, money will not hinder you from protecting and securing your password. The disadvantage of using free tools is that you may not enjoy more robust features such as biometric confirmation and a couple of other greater security features.

On the other hand, paid tools come with benefits that obviously include extensive and more robust features, and perhaps some other after-purchase benefits. The downside is that once you don’t renew your subscription on or before its expiration, you may be denied access to the program, and this may happen when you badly need the tool.

Recommendation: If you are not concerned about extra-security features that usually come with paid tools, you can settle for free password tools and addons. You can always upgrade to more sophisticated and paid tool when data security becomes a need rather than a want for you. For instance, companies and individuals that handle sensitive information cannot afford to play around with their password data security. In essence, the best paid tools are not an option but a necessity for them.

Best Free Password Tools in 2016

Based on popular opinion, this list includes the following password tools;

  • LastPass – 4,967 votes: Performance is rated as 43.16% – Compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, works on Android or iOS, and best suits Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • 1Password – 3,051 votes: Performance is rated as 26.51%
  • KeePass – 2,260 votes: Performance is rated as 19.64%. This is an open-source tool, and the interface is user-friendly.
  • Dashlane – 615 votes: Performance is rated as 5.34 %. It works on multiple devices, offer friendly user-interface, easy shopping features and more. You can access advanced features for a fee.
  • RoboForm – 615 votes: Performance is rated as 5.34 %
  • Sticky Password is also a popular free tool. One of its coolest features is the biometric confirmation option. However, you can only access this feature for a fee.

There are other free tools out there, but the list above is for the tools that have proven reasonably effective over time. It is important to mention that these tools are not entirely free since you have to pay a fee to access some advanced options. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised to also see some of the tools above in the list of the best paid password tools below.

Best Paid Password Tools

The list includes the following;

  • Dashlane Synced
  • Keeper Security
  • Password Boss
  • Last Pass
  • RoboForm
  • Security Coverage
  • Lamantine Software
  • Sticky Password Premium


No doubts, password tools and addons are great assets for everyone, especially companies and individuals who want to achieve extra data security. However, it is smart and common sense to do your own research extensively before settling for any tool. It doesn’t matter the popular opinion or reviews that any product has generated, confirm the effectiveness of a password program or tool through extensive research before narrowing down your choice.

Another great way to make the best choice of password tool and add-on is to find out what tools the authorities in your niche or industry are using. Of course, such are not likely to settle for the less. Get quality recommendation from trusted people and users to make the search easier and quicker for you.

The hackers are getting smarter by the day and you need to outsmart them with the best password management tools and add-ons. Don’t leave things to fate – act smart and fast. The world wide web is getting more porous and the systems in your office and your home are becoming less secured as people around you are fast becoming more IT oriented. This is why you should also make a fast and smart move to protect your password data, and by extension your highly valued information.